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Minutes October 2021


Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on 12th October  2021

At the Community Centre, Banks

Commenced :  19.00

Concluded:   21.00

            Present:           Bill Abram                   John Howard                           Dorothy Hames                                  

Chris Lennon               Lawrence Baxter          Steve Douglas 

            Parish Clerk   Angela Jenkins

83/21   Public Participation

  • None

84/21   Apologies

  • None

85/21  Declarations of Interest

  • None

86/21   Minutes of the previous meeting

  • Approved

87/21   Police Report (verbal)

  • Not Present, Clerk to approach PC Steve to attend or give update next meeting

88/21   Clerk’s Report/Progress Report on decisions taken at last meeting and any urgent decisions

  • Nothing other than covered by the agenda items

89/21   FinanceAccounts for payment October 2021

Chq NoPayeeDescriptionAmount
4129British Lung FoundationDonation£    100.00
4130, 4131, 4138 4141StaffRemunerations (October)£  2,080.04
4133WLBC RatesAveling & Hesketh Avenue£   1,836.32
4134PKF LittlejohnExternal Auditors£      360.00
4135JA WilliamsonGrounds Maintenance Playing Fields & Church£      499.20
4136Master Lock and SafePedestrian gate closers x 2 (Hesketh Avenue)£      288.00
4137A JenkinsClerk Expenses (April-July)£      396.40
4139Little TreasuresDonation£      150.00
4140Victim SupportDonation£      100.00

Agreed that payments of Accounts since the last meeting are ratified and invoices now presented on the payment schedule are approved and cheques signed by authorised signatories accordingly

  • Balance on Current Bank Account £ 71,499.24, Reserve Accounts £ 33,226.71

90/21   Audited Accounts

  • Completion letter from PKF Littlejohn LLP  and accounts Audit for year ended 31.03.21 presented.

91/21   Banking

  • Clerk put forward suggestion for Council to go onto Bankline with NatWest Bank with a charge of £20 per month making the bank accounts more transparent.  Agreed, clerk to go ahead and arrange.

92/21   Correspondence for Information

  •  Schedule of correspondence received circulated to all councillors

93/21   Emails Sent to Councillors October discussed

94/21   Cadent Gas Proposal for new Gas Govenor

  • General consensus the Council want Cadent Gas to leave the work until spring now do not want the field to be damaged.  Clerk to pursue.

95/21     Queens Jubilee 2022

  • The Queens Jubilee 3rd/4th June 2022, the Parish wish to mark the occasion.  The carnival committee will meet over the next few months put a plan together.

96/21     Dog Bins and Signage

  • This comes under the Director of Services at WLBC, can more bins be purchased? Cllr Howard will contact WLBC to enquire regarding this.
  • Clerk to purchase 5 “we are watching you” signs and 5 bin signs from the Keep Britain Tidy campaign.

97/21   Speed Cameras/Speeding in the Village

  • Brochure noted and will look into further after research into existing Spids. Dorman Smith?

98/21   Contracts for works for Parish Council to be reviewed

  • Previous Contracts to be re-examined at next meeting

99/21     To receive reports and recommendations from Members representing the Council on working groups and outside bodies

  1. Corporate Planning

Nothing to Report

  • Community Centre    

Nothing to report

  • Hesketh Avenue (Banks Park)
  • Work started 18th October on new play equipment and refurbishment
  • Skate park signage and disclaimer needs to checked and installed
  • Slab needed for Electrical Supply, so Box can be fitted
  • Poles for CCTV to be purchased
  • A decision has to be made on CCTV
  • A problem with rubbish in container
  • Health Issues

2 Ladies on Social Prescribing Team now

  • Health & Safety

Nothing to report

  • Finance
  • Budget Group for 2022/2023 budget  Cllrs Lennon, Douglas and Howard

100/21 Receive Update from WLB Councillor

  • Nothing to Report

101/21 Planning

Weekly Planning Lists

15.09.212021/1081/FUL85 New Lane Pace, Banks, Single storey rear extension
17.09.212021/1126/PNH9 Station Rd, Banks, extension

Planning Delegated Decisions

21.09.212021/0899/FULLand Rear of Holly Farm, New Lane CrossensAmendments Granted
21.09.212021/0805/FULRiverside Caravan Park, BanksRefused

All agreed and no action to be taken forward to WLBC in respect of above planning matters.

102/21 Post Office at Community Centre

  • Decisions to made on how to go forward, put forward to next meeting.
  • In need of electrician to fix automatic lighting so that the defibrillator can be seen at the front of Community Centre.

103/21 Date of next meeting    

At Banks Community Centre

Tuesday 9th November  2021     @     7.00pm