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Minutes March 2022


Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on 8th March 2022

At the Hub, Banks

Commenced :  19.00

Concluded:   20.30

Present: Bill Abram John Howard   Dorothy Hames

Chris Lennon Lawrence Baxter Steve Douglas

Parish Clerk Angela Jenkins

169/21 Public Participation

  • None

170/21 Apologies 

  • None

171/21  Declarations of Interest

  • None

172/21 New Parish Councillor

  • Linda Gresty  was co-opted on the Parish Council as a new Councillor

173/21 Minutes of the previous meeting 8th February 2022

  • Approved 

174/21 Police Report 

  • Nothing to Report

175/21 Clerk’s Report/Progress Report on decisions taken at last meeting and any urgent decisions 

  • Cheque had been raised in sum of £ 2.718.91 had been issued to Northwest Electricity for the connection of the Hesketh Avenue.
  • Hoole Lane was broken into, joiner was employed to make temporary fix to door.

176/21 FinanceAccounts for payment March 2022

Chq No.PayeeDescriptionAmount
4227Electricity North WestElectricity Supply to Playing Field  (Issued 23.02.22)£   2,718.91

4229 void

4230,31,34,35StaffRemuneration/Redundancy£   3,354.59
4232AMV Playgrounds2 x Benches (Deposit )  for Hesketh Ave £      475.80
4233Champion Newspaper2 x Adverts£      525.02

Agreed that payments of Accounts since the last meeting are ratified and invoices now presented on the payment schedule are approved and cheques signed by authorised signatories accordingly

  • Balance on Current Bank Account £ 16,695.33 – Reserve Accounts £ 33,227.90

177/21 Correspondence for Information 

  • Schedule of correspondence received circulated to all councillors

178/21 Emails Sent to Councillors February / March

  • Road Closures noted
  • Royal British Legion Industries Discs to be purchased for Platinum Jubilee 2022

179/21 Contracts for works for Parish Council to be reviewed

  • 2 replies to be advert decision to be made.

180/21 To Receive update from WLB Councillors

  • Bins for Church Road and Charnleys  have been  fitted to be paid for by the Parish.

181/21 To receive reports and recommendations from Members representing the Council on working groups and outside bodies

  1. Corporate Planning

Nothing to Report

  1. Community Centre
  • Further to breakin passed steel door to be fitted to Post Office side at a cost of £323.00 plus fitting £300+
  1. Hesketh Avenue (Banks Park) 
  • Agreed Badger Alarms to be contractor for CCTV
  • Another 2 Benches ordered to be fitted in two weeks time
  • Slab for electric box fitted, Electricity Northwest have been notified
  • Plastic piping to be purchased for cabling for CCTV
  1. Health Issues
  • Nothing to Report
  1. Health & Safety
  • The Skate Park requires some maintenance to be reviewed
  1. Finance

Nothing to report

182/21 Planning

Weekly Planning Lists

16.02.222022/0113/FULCrossing Cottage, 13 Square House Lane, Banks, conversion of garage to living accommodation.
25.02.22L2022/0072/AAAInstallation of battery energy storage facilities, substation etc Charnock Richard. (Adjoining Authority)

Planning Delegated Decisions 

05.02.222021/1262/FUL174 Gravel Lane, Banks, – replace previous storage buildingRefused
13.02.222021/0937/FULCrossens Pumping Station, Solar array and equipmentGranted
13.02.222021/1363/FUL85 New Lane Pace,Banks, Double storey ext side and rearGranted

All agreed and no action to be taken forward to WLBC in respect of above planning matters.

183/21 Aveling Drive Playing Field

  • It was agreed the Parish Clerk to contact WLBC regarding Field

184/21 Date of Next Meeting

At the Hub Community and Leisure Centre, Greaves Hall Avenue, Banks

Tuesday 12th April 2022     @     7.00pm