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Minutes February 2021


Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on 9th February  2021

By Zoom

Commenced :  18.45

Concluded:   20.30

            Present:           Bill Abram                               Chris Lennon               Lawrence Baxter                     

Dorothy Hames                                   John Howard               Steve Douglas

            Parish Clerk   Angela Jenkins

Public Participation (6.45 pm)

  • Cadent Gas gave presentation about the Gas Govenor and proposals as to siting

104/20 Apologies

  • None

105/20             Declarations of Interest

  • All Councillors reminded they may need to update Register of Interests
  • Councillor Abram and Councillor Howard

106/20 Minutes of the previous meeting 12th January 2021

  • Approved

107/20 Police Report (verbal)

  • None (Clerk to contact PC Steve for future meeting)

108/20 Clerk’s Report/Progress Report on decisions taken

  • Clerk to check application to Land Registry, and applying for registration
  • Cllr Abram to purchase Grit for grit bins

109/20 FinanceAccounts for payment February 2021

Chq NoPayeeDescriptionAmount
4070/4073RemunerationStaff Costs£   2,062.61
4074Lancashire County CouncilErection/removal of Christmas Lighting£  1,560.00
4075Alliance Fire ProtectionCommunity Centre Fire Extinguisher Service£       36.00

Agreed that payments of Accounts since the last meeting are ratified and invoices now presented on the payment schedule are approved and cheques signed by authorised signatories accordingly

110/20 Confirm requirements in respect of the 2021/2022 Budget and confirm the proposals

  • The Council sub-committee had met previously to discuss and make appropriate proposals
  • It was agreed that we would submit a request for precept payment of £ 53,691 after Grants.
  • Therefore Precept to be raised from Council Tax £53,691.00 with a taxbase of 1543.62 gives a Band D Tax Level of £34.78 a slight decrease of 0.36% on the previous year.

111/20 Discuss Flood Plan and Joining with Neighbouring Parishes

  • Emails were sent to other Parishes and meeting organised via ZoomThursday 18th February also invited Amy Hargreaves and Tom Wignall to attend.

112/20 Correspondence for Information

  • Schedule of correspondence received circulated to all councillors

113/20 To receive recommendations of projects that benefit the Parish

  • Need information of where to make cheque payable for bench in village
  • New bins required and more salt for the salt bins.  New dog bin required Church Road/Fleetwood Drive bus stop.

114/20 Emails Sent to Councillors January/ February discussed

  • All dealt with
  • Councillor Tom Blane spoke on the Aveling Drive Lights and Drainage.

115/20 Cadent Gas Proposal for new Gas Govenor

  • After the presentation there were concerns and a meeting was arranged on site with Councillors to further discuss and present alternatives. Meeting to take place 10 am 18th February at the Hesketh Avenue Playing Fields.

116/20  To receive reports and recommendations from Members representing the Council on working groups and outside bodies

  1. Corporate Planning
  • Community Centre    
  • As yet no opening date for the Community Centre
  • Alarm system to be replaced 23.02.2021
  • Hesketh Avenue (Banks Park)
  • Query over Deed to Park, PC now has copy of deeds and moving to get land registered.
  • Health Issues
  • The flu vaccinations are being administered at Vaccination centres and also at Banks, they have been well organised and deemed successful.
  • Health & Safety
  • Pat Testing to be arranged.
  • Finance

117/20 Updates from West Lancashire Borough Councillor

  • Further issues over illegal traveller site on Aveling Drive, a motion is on the agenda with Council Planning meeting. 

118/20 Planning

Weekly Planning Lists

08.01.20212020/1168/FUL38a Long Lane, Banks PR9 8EX change of use garage to holiday/sleeping accommodation

Planning Delegated Decisions

26.01.212020/1079/FUL104 New Lane PaceGranted
01.02.21T/2020/0145/TP6 Westerdale Drive BanksGranted subject to conditions
01.02.212020/0795/FUL386 Gravel Lane, BanksWithdrawn
01.02.212020/1071/FUL18 Glebe Lane, BanksGranted
01.02.212020/1262/PNPTinsleys Farm, Marsh Road, BanksNone Noted
  • Councillor Abram declared interest in planning list and abstained from comment

119/20  Sugar Stubbs lane update (Cllr Howard left meeting declared interest)

  • This is still an ongoing issue as large amounts of hardcore have been deposited and Enforcement Officer to attend site. Planning are going to forward letter.

120/20 Culvert and Watercourse 16

  • Aletter has been sent to the Environment Agency regarding bad flooding twice in January.  Will send email to Councillor Blane. The Parish Council will have look into this further.

121/20 Date of next meeting    

Via Zoom

Tuesday 9th March 2021     @     7.00 pm

Part Two

122/20 Leisure Centre

Under separate cover