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Minutes Oct 2014



Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on 14 October 2014  

at the Banks Community Centre,  Hoole Lane.


Commenced 19.15 

                                                                                                            Concluded   21.45            

            Present:           Cllrs Bill Abram

Chris Lennon

James O’Hare

Dorothy Hames

Steven Douglas

Malcolm Barron

Paul Blane


Parish Clerk   David Maughan


            In attendance  3 members of the public


Public Participation


  • Bus shelter outside Community Centre again subject to vandalism. Parish Clerk to liaise with Cllr Barron to contact LCC in respect of repair. Clerk also to check with regard to CCTV coverage via Post Office Outreach initiative to try and apprehend those responsible


85/14 Apologies


None received but noted Cllr Baldock not in attendance for second successive month


86/14 Declarations of Interest


Cllrs Barron and Blane in respect of planning,


87/14 Minutes of the previous meeting


Approved. Cllr Barron obtained contact number for Health & Safety and this to be provided to Clerk for information purposes


88/14 Police Report (verbal)


Not present


89/14   Clerk’s progress report on decisions taken at last meeting.


  • WW1 commemorations to be agenda item for October meeting (see below)
  • Written to LCC in respect of lighting in the park and awaiting response
  • Exerted pressure on WLBC re car park money (see below)
  • Written to local schools re bike proficiency matters (one response received)
  • Registered for Data Protection
  • CCTV to be part two agenda item for October meeting (see below)
  • Written to David Tillery at WLBC re dual purpose dog fouling bins and response received. Clerk to respond asking for further information
  • Written to WLBC expressing concerns about Alty’s development – copy already forwarded to all members
  • Tarleton police station agenda item for October (see below)
  • Financial review agenda item for October (see below)
  • Written to WLBC to claim second half of concurrent grant and confirmation received that it will be paid


90/14   Clerk’s report on any urgent decisions taken since last meeting


Nothing urgent


91/14   Finance


Accounts for payment:-


Chq No. Payee Description Amount
3339 Dawn Cannon Salary 455.00
3346 Jean Mannering Salary 191.40
3347 David Maughan Salary 718.37
3348 HMRC Tax & NI 22.18
DD E On Electricity Hoole Lane 28.81
DD BT Telephone 108.77
DD British Gas Gas Hoole Lane 73.17
DD Data Protection Registration 35.00
DD UK Debt Management Loan repayment 4991.87
DD WLBC Rates Aveling Drive 159.00
DD WLBC Rates Hesketh Ave 55.00
DD E On Electricity Aveling Drive 9.24
DD United Utilities Water Aveling Drive 12.13
3340 David Maughan Expenses Q3 2014 372.97
3341 David Maughan Ink – Stinky Ink 100.00
3342 David Maughan Padlock 11.99
3343 David Maughan Keys 8.50
3344 Williamson Engineering Grass cutting 465.60
DD BT Telephone 67.80
3338 Playsafety Inspection 85.20
3345 Graham Taylor Website 575.00
DD E On Electricity Hoole Lane 35.82




92/14   Correspondence for Information


It was noted that the following items of correspondence, for information purposes, had been received since the September meeting (* denotes received by e-mail) and were available for Members to view:-


09 Sep 2014    Committee Papers Online*

10 Sep 2014    Fast track funding for MUGAs

10 Sep 2014    Executive overview & scrutiny committee*

11 Sep 2014    Weekly planning list (N/M nil)*

11 Sep 2014    Putting bounce back into grassroots cricket*

11 Sep 2014    Neighbourhood plans play key role in four housing appeals*

11 Sep 2014    NFWL – Freshers week 2014*

12 Sep 2014    West Lancs CVS ‘One West Lancs’*

12 Sep 2014    Need for speed awareness*

12 Sep 2014    NFWL – Mayoral engagements*

12 Sep 2014    NFWL – War Horse Heroes*

15 Sep 2014    Rural Services Network Weekly update 15 Sep*

15 Sep 2014    Parish Clerks Liaison Meeting 5 Sep*

15 Sep 2014    MP’s warn on Council pay*

15 Sep 2014    War Horse Heroes*

16 Sep 2014    Planning Delegated Decisions (N/M nil)*

16 Sep 2014    Alderman Council Papers On Line*

16 Sep 2014    Code of conduct for Parish clerks*

17 Sep 2014    Data Protection Registration*

17 Sep 2014    Rural vulnerability service*

18 Sep 2014    LGC subscription*

18 Sep 2014    Move to consolidate housing standards*

18 Sep 2014    Draining and verti draining*

18 Sep 2014    West Lancs CVS Qtly Bulletin Sep*

19 Sep 2014    Audit & Governance Papers*

19 Sep 2014    West Lancs Now*

19 Sep 2014    SLCC News Bulletin*

19 Sep 2014    Mayoral Engagements*

19 Sep 2014    Cabinet Minutes*

19 Sep 2014    Getting ahead with your neighbourhood plans*

20 Sep 2014    Area Committee LALC*

20 Sep 2014    Reduce speeding in your village*

22 Sep 2014    UK’s cyber security*

22 Sep 2014    Rural Services Network Weekly update 22 Sep*

22 Sep 2014    Help Direct – Volunteer Development Officer*

22 Sep 2014    LGA backs call for a Constitutional Convention*

22 Sep 2014    NFWL – A Conversational Place*

23 Sep 2014    Planning Delegated Decisions (N/M 1)*

23 Sep 2014    Weekly Planning List (N/M 1)*

23 Sep 2014    West Lancs Fibromyalgia Support Group*

24 Sep 2014    Local Government Chronicle*

24 Sep 2014    Becconsall Exploration Site*

24 Sep 2014    Best Leisure walk in Sefton and West Lancs*

25 Sep 2014    Executive O & S papers on line*

25 Sep 2014    Planning committee update*

25 Sep 2014    NFWL – New play areas*

25 Sep 2014    Development benefits scheme prospectus launched*

25 Sep 2014    Site setup*

25 Sep 2014    Code of conduct for Parish and Borough Cllrs*

25 Sep 2014    NFWL – October parks events*

26 Sep 2014    NFWL – Mayoral engagements*

26 Sep 2014    Parish concurrent grant*

29 Sep 2014    LGA Council pay offer still in the balance*

29 Sep 2014    Weekly Planning List (N/M 2)*

29 Sep 2014    Rural Services Network news digest*

29 Sep 2014    Environment Bulletin West Lancashire*

30 Sep 2014    Planning Delegated Decisions (N/M nil)*

30 Sep 2014    Railings for sale (SLCC)

30 Sep 2014    Planning committee 9 Oct*

01 Oct 2014    Gorsey Lane, Banks road closure*

01 Oct 2014    C & E, O  S, Members Update*

01 Oct 2014    Planning committee papers On Line*

01 Oct 2014    Solar Powered Christmas trees*

01 Oct 2014    Code of Conduct training*

02 Oct 2014    NFWL – Yew Tree Farm*

02 Oct 2014    Licensing & Gambling Committee*

02 Oct 2014    GMC pioneering joint visit ket site strategy*

02 Oct 2014    NFWL – Mayoral engagements*

03 Oct 2014    West Lancs Now*

03 Oct 2014    Consumer Alerts*

06 Oct 2014    West Lancs CVS Members Update*

06 Oct 2014    Planning Application 2014/0891/FUL amendment*

06 Oct 2014    Burbo Bank Community Benefit Fund*

06 Oct 2014    Defribillators*

06 Oct 2014    SLCC News Bulletin*

07 Oct 2014    Planning Delegated Decisions (N/M 2)*

07 Oct 2014    NFWL – Get Online Week 2014*

07 Oct 2014    NFWL – Free tree scheme*

07 Oct 2014    Secure wireless LAN for the UK Government*

07 Oct 2014    NFWL – tenant evicted for cannabis production*

07 Oct 2014    Council Papers On Line*

07 Oct 2014    Weekly Planning List (N/M nil)*

07 Oct 2014    Yew Tree Farm Draft Masterplan*

07 Oct 2014    RSN – Weekly News*

08 Oct 2014    RSN – Rural Opportunities Buulletin*

08 Oct 2014    SLCC Christmas Lunch*

08 Oct 2014    Planning Committee Late Information*

09 Oct 2014    Rural Housing Spotlight*

09 Oct 2014    Yew Tree Farm – new link*

09 Oct 2014    Latest Green Belt Guidance*

10 Oct 2014    NFWL – Mayoral engagements*

10 Oct 2014    NFWL – Mischief Night*

10 Oct 2014    NFWL – Fantastic Funghi*

10 Oct 2014    Planning Committee Decisions 9 Oct(N/M 2)*

10 Oct 2014    November Bus Services*

10 Oct 2014    Trees*

10 Oct 2014    NFWL – Strike called off*

10 Oct 2014    Licensing & Appeals Committee 21 Oct*

10 Oct 2014    November bus service changes*

10 Oct 2014    LGC spare 30% for next 48 hours*

13 Oct 2014    NHS biggest strike in 32 years*

13 Oct 2014    NFWL – Firbeck revival*

13 Oct 2014    Weekly News Digest RSN 13 Oct 2014*

13 Oct 2014    Appeal Decisions 13 Oct 2014 (N/M nil)*

13 Oct 2014    Public Rights of Way Improvement Plan*

13 Oct 2014    Cabinet Forward Plan 11 Nov 2014*

14 Oct 2014    Planning Delegated Decisions 14 Oct 2014 (N/M 2)*

14 Oct 2014    Banks Car Park Scheme*

14 Oct 2014    Weekly Planning List 14 Oct (N/M nil)*


93/14   To discuss how to utilise S 106 Monies


  • Initial quote received from contractor in respect of drainage for Hesketh Park although it is qualified as they would have to find an outlet for the water.
  • Further two quotes to be obtained to enable us to take matters forward
  • Parish Clerk to contact Environment Agency to seek further information to enable us to progress this matter
  • Still aware that, as per previous minutes, a ‘Master Plan’ will need to be formulated, possibly via a working party and we also need response in respect of lighting in the park.
  • Agreed that this was to be an ongoing agenda item pending progress


94/14   To discuss developments in respect of Spid


  • Clerk had written to nursing home for permission to site on their land
  • Subsequently advised them exactly where it was proposed to site SPID
  • Now received response advising they did not have a problem with placing SPID on their land
  • Still awaiting from their legal representatives what, if any, written agreement was required
  • Advised that response should be received by end of October with License which Clerk can sign on behalf of the Council
  • Quote already received for cost to re-site


95/14   To consider and discuss car park at St Stephens


  • £10k due from WLBC still awaited
  • Clerk had discussed this with Borough Treasurer and had, today, received an Agreement document
  • Task Group to be formed comprising Cllrs Lennon, O’Hare, Abram and Barron and Clerk to take matters forward.
  • Initial meeting at Community Centre 10.00 am Friday 17 October.


96/14   To discuss request from David Yardley for donation towards restoration of Village War Memorial


  • Request had been received to cover shortfall amounting to £325
  • We were advised that Residents Association and Band would each contribute £50 to this shortfall
  • Agreed that Council would contribute the residual £225 from budget agreed at £1,000


97/14   To discuss commemoration of WW1


  • Various options were discussed, including having a rolling four year project culminating in celebration of 100 years since the end of WW1 in 2018, tree planting, publishing a book about the WW1 with sale proceeds going to RBL, and various other suggestions
  • Cllr Blane to liaise with Kath Prince and report back to next meeting


98/14   To discuss developments at Tarleton Police Station and how they may impact upon North



  • With general cost savings measures being undertaken, noted that expenditure incurred in cosmetic improvements at Tarleton
  • Clerk to write to constabulary to ask why this rather than having extra officer(s) in Banks


99/14   To undertake financial review as at six month 30 September 2014


  • Spread sheet and synopsis forwarded to councillors for further information
  • Overall, a positive position with more items and totals under budget rather than over budget


100/14 Annual review of Council Policy Documents


  • Annual review of policy documents undertaken and existing documents ratified as drawn


101/14 Councillors reports and items for future agenda


  • Noted


102/14 To receive any reports and recommendations from Members representing the Council on working groups/outside bodies


  1. Police and Community Together (PACT) Panel


Nothing to report


  1. Corporate Planning


Nothing to report


  1. Community Centre


CCTV now in operation


  1. Hesketh Avenue (Banks Park)


  • Nothing to report


  1. Inspection Reports


Nothing to report


  1. Health Issues (Cllr O’Hare)


New Practice manager in place and would be happy to attend Parish Council meeting


  1. Banks Carnival


Nothing to report


  1. Health & Safety


Nothing to report


  1. Finance


Already reported (see above)


103/14 Update from West Lancashire Borough Councillor


  • Travellers issue again on the agenda and still against them being allowed to settle here
  • All other aspects positive
  • County Cllr advised that Green Lane link delayed now until 2019/20


104/14 Planning


Weekly Planning Lists


Date Reference Address
23/09/2014 2014/0996/PNP Sluice Farm
29/09/2014 2014/0942/PNP Avondale, Hundred End
29/09/2014 2014/1012/FUL 69 Station Road


Planning Delegated Decisions


Date Reference Address Outcome
23/09/2014 2014/0813/LDC Fairholme, Marsh Road Granted
07/10/2014 2014/0610/FUL 15 Glebe Lane Granted
07/10/2014 2014/0996/PNP Sluice Farm Prior-Notif-and Demolition PD
14/10/2014 2014/0629/FUL 34 Hoole Lane Granted
14/10/2014 2014/0942/PNP Avondale, 100 End Lane Prior Notif


Decisions of the Planning Committee


Date Reference Address Outcome
09/10/2014 2013/1217/COU 8/10 Station Road Approved
09/10/2014 2014/0675/FUL 8 Chapel Lane Refused




105/14 Date of next meeting


Community Centre

11 November 2014

7.15 pm






  • Discussed and to be taken forward
  • Clerk to investigate costs, liaise with Lancashire Constabulary, and Hesketh Clerk Ian Cropper, and report back at next meeting