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Minutes November 2021

Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on 9th November 2021
At the Community Centre, Banks
Commenced : 19.00
Concluded: 21.00
Present: Bill Abram John Howard Dorothy Hames
Chris Lennon Lawrence Baxter Steve Douglas
Parish Clerk Angela Jenkins
104/21 Public Participation
· None
105/21 Apologies
· None
106/21 Declarations of Interest
· Cllr John Howard
107/21 Minutes of the previous meeting
· Approved
108/21 Police Report
PSO Dan Parker attended the meeting and discussed some issues raised. A theft of a motorcycle that was
found on Hesketh playing field, bench removed on playing field due to delinquent behaivor , and
regarding speeding non reported in Banks that is covered by separate team Lancs Road Safety Partnership.
109/21 Clerk’s Report/Progress Report on decisions taken at last meeting and any urgent decisions
· Drainage materials and posts for playing field CCTV
· Paint for equipment on playground being re-vamped
110/21 FinanceAccounts for payment November 2021
Chq No Payee Description Amount
4143,44.45,50 Staff Remunerations (November) £ 2,061.84
4146 Altys Pd by Bill Hesketh Avenue drainage materials £ 131.81
4147 TE Gore & Son 2 Hexygon Posts for CCTV on Hesketh Avenue
playing field £ 528.00
4148 Royal British Leigion Poppy Wreath & Donation £ 100.00
4149 JA Williamson Mowing Church yard and Hesketh Ave £ 242.40
Agreed that payments of Accounts since the last meeting are ratified and invoices now presented on the payment
schedule are approved and cheques signed by authorised signatories accordingly
· Balance on Current Bank Account £ 88,775.39 – Reserve Accounts £ 33,227.11
· Budget and Accounts update carried forward to next meeting
111/21 Financial Information/Decisions
· 2022/2023 Council Tax Support Grant £ 4207 and Concurrent Grant £ 4,4446 applied for.
· Clerk to apply for Essential Finance Course (FILCA) £ 120.00 plus VAT
· Decisions on cheques for Christmas Donation to be presented at next meeting 60th Ormskirk Scout Group,
Rainbows group, Light switch on bus for children 5th December
· Grit Salt to be purchased , Cllr Abram to action
· Signs to be purchased for each entrance to playing field apx £ 500
· Benchs 2 x 2 seater and 2 x 3 seater to be purchased in conjunction with new play area.
Clerk to purchase 5 “we are watching you” signs and 5 bin signs from the Keep Britain Tidy campaign.
5 x no3 size and 5 x bin stickers £ 155 + VAT.

112/21 New Accounting System
· Clerk to purchase Scribe Accounting System and new laptop for Parish Council Work.
· Set up fee and 1st year subscription £ 485 + VAT and £ 24 per month thereafter with full backup
· New laptop in region of £ 800 with operating systems and security
113/21 Correspondence for Information
· Schedule of correspondence received circulated to all councillors
114/21 Emails Sent to Councillors November discussed
· Local Plan discussed comments can be made from 18.11.21 to put on Agenda for next meeting to discuss
· Email from Mr Abram discussed regading memorial, more information required as to exactly what they
have in mind. Clerk to contact.
· Email Mr Ross question re parking Swartzman Drive Cllr Howard will contact to find out what required.
115/21 Queens Jubilee 2022
· A group is being formed to move forward with plans. The Queens Jubilee 3rd/4th June 2022, the Parish
wish to mark the occasion. The carnival committee will meet over the next few months
116/21 Contracts for works for Parish Council to be reviewed
· Previous Contracts to be re-examined at next meeting
117/21 To Receive update from WLB Councillors
· Congratulation to John Howard for getting elected filling the loss of Councillor Tom Blane.
· We do need another Councillor for the Parish and application need to be made by February 2022
118/21 To receive reports and recommendations from Members representing the Council on working groups and
outside bodies
a) Corporate Planning
Nothing to Report
b) Community Centre
Mr Lennon going to change valves on radiators on 13.11.21
c) Hesketh Avenue (Banks Park)
· Slab needed for Electrical Supply, so Box can be fitted David Houghton to do work
· Poles for CCTV purchased
· A decision has to be made on CCTV
d) Health Issues
Doctors are very busy with Flu clinics and boosters
e) Health & Safety
Nothing to report
f) Finance
· Budget Group for 2022/2023 budget Cllrs Lennon, Douglas and Howard
119/21 Planning
Weekly Planning Lists
Date Reference Address
07.10.21 2021/0678/FUL Moss View Stable, Sugar Stubbs Lane, PR9 8DD Retrospective
06.10.21 2021/1133/FUL Melrow Salads, Melrow Nurseries, Rydings Lane, Banks
Extension of irrigation lagoon and combined heat and power plant

Planning Delegated Decisions
Date Reference Address Outcome
23.10.21 2021/0964/FUL JA Jones & Sons, Gravel Lane, retrospective
erection of shade tunnels Granted
31.10.21 2021/1126/PNH 9 Station Rd, Banks App to see if prior approval
required for extension
PNH Prior App Not
Appeal Decisions
Date Reference Address Outcome
08.11.21 2020/0879/FUL 59 Banks Rd, Banks
Retrospective app ext works
All agreed and no action to be taken forward to WLBC in respect of above planning matters.
120/21 Post Office at Community Centre
· Decisions to made on how to go forward, put forward to next meeting.
· In need of electrician to fix automatic lighting so that the defibrillator can be seen at the front of Community
121/21 Date of next meeting
At Banks Community Centre
Tuesday 14th December 2021 @ 7.00pm