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Minutes May 2014



Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on 13 May 2014

at the Banks Community Centre, Hoole Lane.


Commenced 19.00

                                                                                                          Concluded 21.50            

            Present:           Cllrs. John Baldock (Acting Chair)

Bill Abram

Paul Blane

Chris Lennon

James O’Hare

Dorothy Hames

Parish Clerk   David Maughan


            In attendance  12 members of the public

Annual Meeting


The monthly meeting was preceded by the Annual Parish meeting


Cllr Paul Blane was proposed, seconded, and unanimously voted in favour to continue as Chairman


Requested the clerk to raise an agenda item for June meeting to recognise the contribution Cllr Baldock had made to the Parish over the past 16 years


Cllr James O’Hare was proposed, seconded, and unanimously voted in favour to continue as Vice Chairman


Continuation of existing committee and working groups was agreed pending agenda item for next Parish Council meeting


Ian Cropper to continue as Internal Auditor


Agreed that the Parish would continue to meet on the second Tuesday monthly



Public Participation


Nothing raised


1/14 Apologies


Steven Douglas unable to attend due to a family commitment


2/14 Declarations of Interest


None other than Paul Blane in respect of Agenda items for Planning and Environment Agency


3/14 Minutes of the previous meeting


Other than a change to 219/13 (g), which should read an annual saving of £750, not £250, no amendments were considered necessary. Minutes from meeting of 8 April 2014 signed off


4/14 Update in respect of CAB, Food Bank, and Post Office


  • Clerk advised that representatives from CAB would be attending meeting in June
  • WLBC had advised we would be able to store on behalf of Food Bank but insurers advised this would not be covered under our policy and Food Bank advised accordingly


5/14     Police Report


  • No police present (had previously submitted a report for Annual meeting)


6/14     Clerk’s progress report on decisions taken at last meeting.


  • Separate note for United Utilities meeting attached to Minutes for April
  • Contacted Therese Maguire at WLBC re planning for Food Bank storage issue and also contacted insurers (see above)
  • Contacted LCC in respect of repairing bus stop by Community Centre and also find out who owns bus stops in Parish and awaiting response
  • Written to WLBC re £10k promised for car park and given urgency was instructed to follow up with further correspondence to David Westley
  • Advised North Meols archers that continuation of field rental agreed
  • Contact Barchester for explanation as to nursing home name and privileges enjoyed by school children in Churchtown and read out their response, and advised that representative from Barchester to attend meeting next month
  • Advised Ian Cropper to undertake Internal Audit
  • Research Planning for 4 Hoole Lane (2013/1256/COU) as to how it went through ‘under the radar’ and this will be covered under ‘Planning’ later



7/14     Clerk’s report on any urgent decisions taken since last meeting


  • Noted deadline in respect of LBKVC and submitted entry form to ensure participation


8/14     Finance


Accounts for payment:-


Chq No. Payee Description Amount
3407 Dawn Cannon Salary 455.00
3408 Jean Mannering Salary 187.76
3409 David Maughan Salary 691.12
3410 HMRC Tax & NI 19.10
DD E-on Electricity 9.11
DD E-on Electricity 7.53
3411 David Maughan LBKVC 25.00
3412 David Maughan Carnival vouchers 100.00
3413 Enigma Signs Carnival banners 225.00
3414 Williamson Engineering Grass cutting 617.40
3415 WLBC Rates Aveling Drive 108.90
3416 WLBC Rates Banks Playing Field 277.45
3405 Chubb Fire & Security Inspection 66.48
3406 J O’Donnell Locks 82.00
3417 J & M Steel Steel 220.57
3418 Portable Conveniences Toilets 132.00



9/14     Correspondence for Information


It was noted that the following items of correspondence, for information purposes, had been received since the April meeting (* denotes received by e-mail) and were available for Members to view:-


08 Apr 2014    Council Papers On Line*

09 Apr 2014    Late information Planning Committee 10 April 2014*

09 Apr 2014    Parish Clerk salary*

09 Apr 2014    Additional Council Papers On Line*

09 Apr 2014    Presentation to Parish Council*

10 Apr 2014    Housing newsletter*

10 Apr 2014    Protect a community asset*

11 Apr 2014    NFWL – Mayoral engagements*

11 Apr 2014    Decisions of the Planning Committee 10 Apr*

11 Apr 2014    Two tier forum meeting*

11 Apr 2014    Affordable Homes Boost*

14 Apr 2014    Appeal decision executed 14 Apr (N/M nil)8

14 Apr 2014    Have a Wheelie good time this Summer*

14 Apr 2014    Notice of Election 22 May 2014*

14 Apr 2014    NFWL – Elections*

14 Apr 2014    LBKVC*

15 Apr 2014    Planning Delegated Decisions*

15 Apr 2014    Newsletter from Parish Champion Cllr Dereli*

15 Apr 2014    Weekly Planning List (N/M 1)*

16 Apr 2014    TTRO Wyke Cop Scarisbrick*

16 Apr 2014    NFWL – Bag a load of compost*

16 Apr 2014    Consultation by LCC on permit scheme*

17 Apr n2014  Shared Lives Service*

17 Apr 2014    NFWL – Mayoral Engagements 22 Apr*

17 Apr 2014    Mays Bus Service Changes leaflet*

17 Apr 2014    NFWL – Community Walkabouts*

17 Apr 2014    New Garden City prospectus published*

17 Apr 2014    NFWL – Tenant evicted*

21 Apr 2014    Appeal Decision executed (N/M nil;)*

22 Apr 2014    Mays Bus Service Changes leaflet*

22 Apr 2014    Planning Delegated Decisions (N/M nil)*

22 Apr 2014    NFWL – May parks events*

22 Apr 2014    Weekly Planning List (N/M nil)*

23 Apr 2014    Cuadrilla statement (re Bowland site)*

23 Apr 2014    Save this date (SLCC Regional Conference)*

23 Apr 2014    Banks A565 speed restriction response*

23 Apr 2014    Property Newsletter*

23 Apr 2014    One West Lancs showcase 8 May*

23 Apr 2014    Planning Committee Members Update*

23 Apr 2014    Shared Lives recruitment poster*

24 Apr 2014    PM calls for planning changes to deliver infrastructure*

24 Apr 2014    Questionnaire re SPID sign ownership*

25 Apr 2014    NFWL – Mayoral engagements*

25 Apr 2014    News Bulletin SLCC*

25 Apr 2014    West Lancs Now*

28 Apr 2014    Win a World Cup Goal End*

28 Apr 2014    NFWL – Wigan Wastewater*

29 Apr 2014    Planning Delegated Decisions (N/M nil)*

29 Apr 2014    Weekly Planning List (N/M 1)*

29 Apr 2014    Invitation to Carnforth Civic Sunday 2014*

29 Apr 2014    Planning Committee Papers On Line*

30 Apr 2014    The power to manage IT*

30 Apr 2014    Licensing Sub Committee 9 May 2014*

01 May 2014   Planning application amendment (2014/0147/FUL)*

01 May 2014   High speed rail makes Parliamentary progress*

05 May 2014   Appeal Decision Executed (not NM)*

06 May 2014   Weekly Planning List (N/M 3)*

06 May 2014   Planning Delegated Decisions ( N/M nil )*

06 May 2014   Morecambe Band, Carnforth Civic Sunday*

06 May 2014   Neighbourhood Planning*

07 May 2014   Late Information Planning Committee*

07 May 2014   Weekly Allocation Newsletter*

08 May 2014   Quality hardwood bus shelters in Lancashire*

08 May 2014   Late Information Planning Committee*

09 May 2014   Decisions of the Planning Committee 8 May (N/M nil)*

09 May 2014   NFWL – Mayoral Engagements w/c 12 May*

09 May 2014   NFWL – Ormnskirk Medieval Weekend*

09 May 2014   West Lancs Now*

09 May 2014   Consumer Alerts*

09 May 2014   Lancashires Lost Ways volunteers*

09 May 2014   Council facing financial tipping point*

12 May 2014   WW1 letter*

13 May 2014   Licensing Sub Committee 21 May 2014*

13 May 2014   Planning Delegated Decisions 13 May (N/M nil)*

13 May 2014   Weekly Planning List (N/M nil)*



10/14   To discuss how to utilise S 106 monies


  • Agreed that this was to be an ongoing agenda item pending progress
  • Clerk to contact WLBC to ascertain criteria for expenditure to improve park facilities ahead of June meeting


11/14   To consider and discuss car park at St Stephens


  • Meeting held on 28 April, comprising working party of clerk and Cllrs O’Hare and Lennon and representatives of the club.
  • Letter sent to Dave Buck requesting documentary evidence of his Right of Way/Access and response awaited
  • WLBC had promised £10k towards cost and clerk to write to Dave Westley requesting that this be expedited


12/14   To discuss Website requirements


  • Clerk to liaise with Cllr Douglas who knows someone who may be able to assist


13/14   To discuss renewal of insurance cover due end of May


  • Clerk had contacted existing insurers (Zurich), AON, and a firm of brokers, to obtain quotes for forthcoming year
  • Agreed that we would renew with existing provider who had agreed to renew at £1,039.29 and fix that premium for a three year term
  • Saving from last year of some £1,200
  • Clerk to take matters forward accordingly


14/14   To discuss expiring Fixed Price Electricity Plans for Aveling Drive and Community Centre


  • Clerk had previously obtained quotes for Fixed or Variable deals and councillors agreed to re-fix for further 12m terms.
  • Community Centre for past 12m was total of £332 whereas on same utilisation Fixed for next 12m would be £296 and variable £441
  • Similarly, Aveling Drive for past 12m was £98 whilst, again for same utilisation Fixed would be £104 and Variable £168


15/14   To discuss requirements to line out new car park at Community Centre


  • Quote previously received for £435 plus VAT
  • Agreed that we would review in light of experience but meantime, Clerk to obtain ‘Disclaimer’ signs and request price for ‘Disabled’ bay


16/14   To discuss the ‘Audit Commission Annual Return’ and authorise previous (and outgoing) Chairman to sign Section One and Section Two


  • Discussed and authorised accordingly


17/14   Councillors reports and items for future agenda


  • Clerk to contact United Utilities to arrange further visit from them
  • Clerk to contact WLBC in respect of bonfires at 52 Church Road


18/14   To receive any reports and recommendations from Members representing the Council on working groups/outside bodies


a)      Police and Community Together (PACT) Panel


Cllr Abram to attend PACT meeting in June


b)      Corporate Planning


  • Cllrs Lennon and O’Hare visited Spid site and reported back that Spid was too big
  • Councillors to meet to discuss further
  • Meantime, Clerk to contact supplier to ascertain how much to re-site it elsewhere, could they adjust sensitivity and how much a smaller one would be.
  • Councillors to discuss where to re-site large one if appropriate
  • Spid item to be retained for next meeting


c)      Community Centre


  • Cllr Blane advised he had had a meeting with potential ‘Bereavement Support Group’ person and after full discussion it was agreed that this could be taken forward
  • Window available Monday, 12.30 until 2.30


d)      Hesketh Avenue (Banks Park)


Nothing to report


e)      Inspection Reports


Nothing to report


f)       Health Issues (Cllr O’Hare)


Cllr O’Hare had taken forward last month’s action and no further action required


g)      Banks Carnival


It’s a Knockout all ready to go and good fun day anticipated for 7 June


h)      Health & Safety


Nothing to report


i)        Finance


Nothing to report


19/14   Update from West Lancashire Borough Councillor


  • Reported in Annual meeting
  • Nothing further to report


20/14   Planning


Weekly Planning Lists


Date Reference Address
15/04/2014 2014/0260/FUL Wilmar, Marsh Road
29/04/2014 2014/0331/FUL 3 Georges Lane
06/05/2014 2014/0147/FUL 8 Chapel Lane
06/05/2014 2014/0369/FUL 24 to 38 Chapel Lane
06/05/2014 2014/0433/ARM Guinea Hall Lane


Planning Delegated Decisions


Date Reference Address Outcome
15/04/2014 2014/0097/FUL The Bungalow, Moss Lane Granted


  • Planning for 4 Hoole Lane (2013/1256/COU) went through ‘under the radar’ and Cllrs Baldock and Blane both agreed that these things happen from time to time and little could be done retrospectively



21/14   Date of next meeting


Community Centre 10 June 2014 at 7.15 pm.



Part Two


21/14   Clerks Pay


Clerks pay discussion deferred until next meeting and Clerk to send appropriate details to all councillors