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Minutes July 2014



Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on 8 July 2014

at the Banks Community Centre, Hoole Lane.


Commenced 19.15

                                                                                                          Concluded 20.10            

            Present:           Cllrs. John Baldock

Bill Abram

Chris Lennon

James O’Hare

Dorothy Hames

Steven Douglas

Malcolm Barron

Parish Clerk   David Maughan


            In attendance  4 members of the public

Prior to the meeting, there was a delegation from United Utilities who addressed the councillors and engaged in a Q & A session to answer several queries raised by the councillors. These included:-

  • Chapel Lane subject of de-silting 6 times per annum
  • The new development at Chapel Lane conditional on no surface water acceptance
  • More new houses in pipeline
  • UU had made representation to limit development in Northern parishes
  • Developers have legal entitlement to connect to the foul system
  • Skylark Close not yet adopted by UU, who are awaiting the return of requested documentation
  • Under 2011 Private Sewers legislation, any shared drain will transfer to Water Company but this does not include surface water
  • WLBC Environmental Health representative is Phil May (0845 7462200)


Public Participation


We were advised that the remaining five public footpath applications had been approved. Access 2 Banks would like a mention of this in the next newsletter. They would also like to thank North Meols Parish Council for help and support received and the clerk for speedy intervention prior to the meeting last week when approval was forthcoming. They also requested Parish Council to thank Mr P Hobson whose assistance made this all possible. Parish clerk to send letter


Gutters need to be cleared on A565 – Cllr Barron to contact LCC


46/14 Apologies


Cllr Paul Blane absent due to business commitment in Suffolk


47/14 Declarations of Interest


Cllr Hames in respect of a planning issue (neighbour) and Cllr Baldock in respect of car park item (adjoining neighbour)


48/14 Minutes of the previous meeting


Cllr Baldock advised he was described as Acting Chair, whereas he wasn’t.


49/14 To discuss proposals from CAB to have outlet in Community Centre


  • General discussion ensued
  • Concern expressed that all parishioners from Northern Parishes could utilise North Meols which was easier to get to for them rather than Skelmersdale
  • Could well be therefore extensive utilisation on ourselves both from a direct cost centre perspective (ink, paper, etc.) and indirect (Dawn Cannon time spent on CAB issues rather than other tasks)
  • Also suggested that it would look poor if we allowed CAB representation then withdrew permission three or four months down the line
  • General consensus was to say no, and Clerk to contact to advise accordingly
  • However, should they come up with proposals to overcome these issues (covering direct and potential indirect costs) then we could reconsider



50/14   Police Report (verbal)


Not present


51/14   Clerk’s progress report on decisions taken at last meeting.


  • Contacted United Utilities in conjunction with ecological survey on Marsh Road farms
  • Checked Cllr Barron within 3 miles of parish boundary
  • CAB matter was an agenda item as required
  • Contacted WLBC (John Nelson) about verti draining on Banks park
  • Liaised with WLBC (Marc Taylor) re £10k for car park
  • Written to WLBC (John Harrison) expressing concern about drainage on Chapel Lane
  • Liaised with Cllr Barron about contacting Stagecoach about 47 bus service
  • Contacted Planning about 2014/0199/FUL permanent or temporary
  • Contacted Planning about 2014/0147/FUL in respect of has ‘stop’ notice been issued



52/14   Clerk’s report on any urgent decisions taken since last meeting


  • None, but did advise Council of refund (£655.25) from HMRC


53/14   Finance


Accounts for payment:-

Chq No. Payee Description Amount
3422 Dawn Cannon Salary 455.00
3423 Jean Mannering Salary 187.76
3424 David Maughan Salary (inc back pay) 787.01
3425 HMRC Tax & NI 59.89
3426 Williamson Engineering Grass cutting 652.80
DD United Utilities Water, 44 Hoole Lane 7.72
DD E On Electric, Aveling Drive 8.64
DD BT Community Centre 99.58
DD E On Electric, Hoole Lane 37.47
3427 Ian Cropper Internal Audit 100.00
3428 David Maughan Q2 Expenses 402.33
3429 BDO External Audit 360.00
DD BT Broadband 72.30
DD United Utilities Water Hoole Lane 7.72
DD WLBC Rates Sports ground 55.00
3430 Banks Printers Booklets 278.00



54/14   Correspondence for Information


It was noted that the following items of correspondence, for information purposes, had been received since the June meeting (* denotes received by e-mail) and were available for Members to view:-


11 Jun 2014     Planning Committee Papers On Line*

11 Jun 2014     Planning Committee 19 June*

12 Jun 2014     TTRO Taylors Meanygate Hesketh Bank*

12 Jun 2014     SLCC Membership Survey 2014*

12 Jun 2014     NFWL – Mayoral Engagements 16 Jun*

12 Jun 2014     Govt Unveils Planning changes*

13 Jun 2014     DF11 Quote*

13 Jun 2014     Licensing Sub Committee 23 Jun*

13 Jun 2014     Licensing & Appeals Committee Agenda*

14 Jun 2014     LALC Constitution/Standing Orders*

16 Jun 2014     Unpaid overtime for part time employees*

16 Jun 2014     WLBC –New mayor*

17 Jun 2014     Briefing Note SVS*

17 Jun 2014     Weekly Planning List (N/M nil)*

17 Jun 2014     Planning Delegated Decision*

17 Jun 2014     Aveling Drive Extra Use*

18 Jun 2014     Audit & Governance Papers On Line*

18 Jun 2014     NFWL – West Lancs Open Exhibition 2014*

18 Jun 2014     Property Newsletter*

19 Jun 2014     NFWL – The way we register to vote is changing*

19 Jun 2014     Govt wants LDO’s to boost homes on brownfield sites*

20 Jun 2014     Decisions of the Planning Committee(N/M 2)*

20 Jun 2014     West Lancs Now*

20 Jun 2014     News Bulletin SLCC*

20 Jun 2014     Corporate & Environmental Overview Committee*

23 Jun 2014     Councillors should ignore Stalinist ban on media contact*

23 Jun 2014     Julys bus service changes*

23 Jun 2014     Committee papers on line*

23 Jun 2014     Julys bus service changes leaflet*

23 Jun 2014     Police & Crime commissioners team update*

23 Jun 2014     Natural Gas – benefits of shale gas*

24 Jun 2014     Planning Delegated Decisions (N/M nil)*

24 Jun 2014     NFWLMayor’s charity cheques*

24 Jun 2014     NFWL Ormskirk Tennis Festival*

24 Jun 2014     Weekly Planning List*

25 Jun 2014     Roseacre Wood shale gas exploration (Elswick)*

25 Jun 2014     WLBC Property Newsletter*

26 Jun 2014     NFWL – July parks events*

26 Jun 2014     Trafford faces sanctions for under-performing*

26 Jun 2014     Environmental Bulletin West Lancashire*

26 Jun 2014     NFWL – Chapel Gallery new exhibition programme*

26 Jun 2014     Onshore Oil & Gas Document*

27 Jun 2014     NFWL – Mayoral Engagements*

30 Jun 2014     NFWL – Tenant evicted*

30 Jun 2014     Consumer Alert*

30 Jun 2014     Better Care Fund failure catastrophic for next generation*

01 Jul 2014      Onshore Oil & Gas Planning document*

01 Jul 2014      Planning Delegated Decisions(N/M 1)*

01 Jul 2014      Temporary Closure Footpath North Meols*

01 Jul 2014      Weekly Planning List (N/M 1)*

02 Jul 2014      Fertilizer Lagoon*

02 Jul 2014      NFWL – Moor Street Plans*

02 Jul 2014      NFWL – Green Fayre*

03 Jul 2014      Ministers release funding to unblock schemes in planning*

04 Jul 2014      Cabinet Minutes*

04 Jul 2014      West Lancs Now*

04 Jul 2014      NFWL – Mayoral Engagements*

07 Jul 2014      S106 Public Open space monies*

07 Jul 2014      Government stance on Public Sector pay*

07 Jul 2014      NFWL – consultation on CCTV cameras*

07 Jul 2014      Parish Clerks Liaison Committee*

08 Jul 2014      Planning Delegated Decisions (N/M 1)*

08 Jul 2014      NFWL – West Lancs services affected by industrial action*

08 Jul 2014      TTRO Marsh Road/ Shore Road*

08 Jul 2014      Developing 3 Tier Forums*

08 Jul 2014      Weekly Planning List (N/M nil)*

08 Jul 2014      NFWL – Mayors Charity Launch*


55/14   To discuss how to utilise S 106 monies


  • Agreed that this was to be an ongoing agenda item pending progress
  • Cllr Barron to make enquiries in respect of potential CIL monies


56/14   To discuss developments in respect of Spid


  • Clerk had written to nursing home for permission to site on their land and was awaiting response
  • Meantime, quote received for cost to re-site


57/14   To consider and discuss car park at St Stephens


  • £10k due from WLBC still awaited and clerk had written requesting that this be expedited


58/14   Councillors reports and items for future agenda


  • No road markings on Banks roundabout was raised and was to be an agenda item although Cllr Barron advised he would take this back to LCC and report back in due course


59/14   To receive any reports and recommendations from Members representing the Council on working groups/outside bodies


a)      Police and Community Together (PACT) Panel


No meeting held


b)      Corporate Planning


Nothing to report


c)      Community Centre


Tree needs trimming. Cllr Abram to attend to


d)      Hesketh Avenue (Banks Park)


Nothing to report


e)      Inspection Reports


Nothing to report


f)       Health Issues (Cllr O’Hare)


Nothing to report other than fan on outside of Take-away smokes – clerk to send letter to Dave Buck and if not actioned within a month to report to WLBC (Dave Tilleray)


g)      Banks Carnival


Nothing to report


h)      Health & Safety


Nothing to report


i)        Finance


Nothing to report


60/14   Update from West Lancashire Borough Councillor


  • Hung council but Conservatives have control via mayors casting vote
  • Cllr Barron on Planning Committee
  • Trees on Redrow Estate need watching as close to houses
  • Section 106 changing to CIL – could assist in Number 47 bus problem, Clerk to contact Tyrers


61/14   Planning


Weekly Planning Lists


Date Reference Address
24 June 2014 2014/0543/FUL 10 Vicarage Lane
24 June 2014 2014/0562/FUL High Brow Farm, Georges Lane
01 July 2014 2014/0606/ARM Guinea Hall Lane


Planning Delegated Decisions


Date Reference Address Outcome
01 July 2014 2014/0369/FUL Chapel Lane Granted
08 July 2014 2014/0226/COU Arawa, Marsh Road Granted


Appeal Decisions


Date Reference Address Outcome


Decisions of the Planning Committee


Date Reference Address Outcome
20/06/2014 2014/0208/FUL 1 Georges Lane Deferred for site visit
20/06/2014 E/2013/0156/UF 182 Gravel Lane Enforcement action authorised



62/14   Date of next meeting


Community Centre

9 September 2014 at 7.15 pm.