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Minutes January 2019



Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on 8 January 2019  

At the Leisure Centre, Banks


Commenced 19.15 

                                                                                                            Concluded   20.10          

            Present:           Bill Abram

Chris Lennon

Dorothy Hames

Brenda Wright

John Howard


Parish Clerk   David Maughan


Public Participation


  • None present


119/18 Apologies


  • Apologies received from Cllrs O’Hare, Douglas, Blane, and Lockie


120/18             Declarations of Interest


  • None declared


121/18 Minutes of the previous meeting


  • Approved


122/18 Police Report (verbal)


  • Not present


123/18 Clerk’s progress report on decisions taken at last meeting.


  • Nothing other than what is covered by other agenda items


124/18 Clerk’s report on any urgent decisions taken since last meeting


  • No urgent decisions necessary


125/18 Finance


  • List circulated


Payee Description Amount
Clare Murphy Oct Salary 508.95
Jean Mannering Oct Salary 237.51
David Maughan Oct Salary 757.05
HMRC Tax & NI 158.72
60th Ormskirk Scout Group Donation 100.00
1st Banks Brownies Donation 100.00
1st Banks Rainbows Donation 100.00
Church in Centre Donation 100.00
Banks Methodist Church Donation 100.00
St Stephens Church Donation 100.00
1st Banks Girls Brigade Donation 100.00
Briarlee Nurseries Christmas tree & lights 450.00
John Kirby Electrical Inspection 150.00
John Kirby Electrical works 232.00
David Maughan Q4 Expenses 560.94


  • Agreed that payments of Accounts since the last meeting are ratified and invoices now presented on the payment schedule are approved and cheques signed by authorised signatories accordingly


126/18 Correspondence for Information


  • Schedule of correspondence received circulated to all councillors


127/18 To receive Members Propositions for items to be included in the 2019/2020 Budget


  • Agreed to include £4k for more Christmas lights and £2k for signage for ‘Welcome to Banks’


128/18  To receive reports and recommendations from Members representing the Council on working groups and outside bodies

  1. Corporate Planning


  • Litter Pick up scheduled for 16 February
  • Cllr Abram to purchase necessary litter pickers
  • Cllr Abram to liaise with Clerk to order skip nearer the date


  1. Community Centre


  • Clle Lockie to take forward agreed decoration programme with volunteer team


  1. Hesketh Avenue (Banks Park)


  • Clerk to check with WLBC position in respect of CCTV


  1. Health Issues


  • Nothing to report


  1. Health & Safety


  • Nothing to report


  1. Finance


  • Nothing to report



129/18 Updates from West Lancashire Borough Councillor


  • Neither present


130/18 Planning


Weekly Planning Lists


Date Reference Address
11/12/2018 2018/1048/FUL 1 Square House Lane
11/12/2018 2018/1268/FUL 7 Lancaster Gate


Planning Delegated Decisions


Date Reference Address Outcome
01 Jan 2019 2018/0970/FUL 16 Chapel Lane Refused


  • Agreed that all matters had been agreed and no action to be taken forward to WLBC in respect of other planning matters


131/18 Date of next meeting


Community Centre

12 February 2019

7.15 pm



132/18 Part Two Leisure Centre


  • See separate note