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Minutes February 2014



Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on 11 February 2014

at the Banks Community Centre, Hoole Lane.


Commenced 19.15

                                                                                                          Concluded 21.50            

            Present:           Cllrs. John Baldock (Acting Chair)

Dorothy Hames

Bill Abram

Steve Douglas

Paul Blane

Chris Lennon

James O’Hare

Parish Clerk   David Maughan


            In attendance  10 members of the public


Public Participation


  • We were advised that Lancashire County Council had completed their work in respect of the previous application for footpaths and Kath Prince provided the completed forms for us to submit to ’English Nature’ and ‘Southport & District Wildfowl Association’ then send notices to LCC. Parish Clerk to action
  • Question asked about lack of agenda on the website, see agenda item below
  • We were asked what was happening in respect of the Environment Agency and full explanation was given as to the position in respect of dispute as to who will pay for the necessary works involved. We await developments but explained it was a Government issue rather than a Parish Council or Borough Council issue
  • We were asked to arrange for road sign to identify ‘Old Hollow Lane’ – Parish clerk to contact WLBC
  • We were advised that manhole not repaired opposite Community Centre and we commented that this was WLBC property and that they had been chased
  • There had been a sign erected on the new estate on Guinea Hall Lane and had the necessary permission been granted for it. Clerk to contact WLBC


163/13 Apologies




164/13 Declarations of Interest


None other than Paul Blane in respect of Agenda item for Planning


165/13 Minutes of the previous meeting


No amendments were considered necessary. Minutes from meeting of 14 January 2014 signed off


166/13 Update in respect of Toddler Group, CAB, Food Bank, and Post Office


  • Council had previously decided not to proceed with CAB initiative as there were concerns over lack of confidentiality
  • Clerk advised that the toddler group had visited the site and, unfortunately the room was not big enough for them so they are not proceeding in this respect
  • Food Bank had been advised that the room was available, initially for a 12m period and they had accepted this offer and were likely to commence13 March 2014
  • Clerk advised that Post Office were in their ‘consultation’ phase and clerk is to seek an update in this respect


167/13Police Report


  • No police present (see below for PACT meeting details)


168/13 Clerk’s progress report on decisions taken at last meeting.


  • War memorial refurbishment questioned with WLBC and we aere advised no developments as yet but support was still available
  • Blockage of public ‘Right of Way’; referred to WLBC and being taken forward
  • Letter (and response) sent to WLBC and dealt with under specific agenda item below
  • St Stephens to be contacted in respect of letter from insurers
  • WLBC contacted in respect of signage for horses/traffic within the village and we are to take matters forward with LCC once sites are identified
  • Contacted John Williamson with regard to removal of moles from Banks Park and we await a quote
  • WLBC contacted re obtaining planning permission for Community Centre car park, see agenda item below


169/13 Clerk’s report on any urgent decisions taken since last meeting


  • Grazing experienced at Aveling Drive which necessitated calling in the police




Accounts for payment:-

Chq No. Payee Description Amount
3378 Dawn Cannon Salary 455.00
3379 Jean Mannering Salary 187.76
3380 David Maughan Salary 694.11
3381 HMRC Tax & NI 14.79
3382 BT Community Centre 106.20
DD E On Electricity Aveling Drive 7.78
3383 Knockout Challenge Ltd Deposit for Knockout 636.00


171/13 Correspondence for Information


It was noted that the following items of correspondence, for information purposes, had been received since the January meeting (* denotes received by e-mail) and were available for Members to view:-



15 Jan 2014     Parish Magazine*

15 Jan 2014     Late Information Planning Committee*

15 Jan 2014     Property Newsletter*

15 Jan 2014     Civic Dinner Invite 2014*

15 Jan 2014     NFWL – Housing Strategy Consultation*

16 Jan 2014     Bus Service Changes*

16 Jan 2014     Shale Gas Incentives*

16 Jan 2014     NFWL – Mayoral Engagements 16 Jan*

16 Jan 2014     Council Tax Support Grant*

17 Jan 2014     Cabinet Minutes On Line*

17 Jan 2014     Licensing and Gambling Committee*

17 Jan 2014     Parish Councils Tenant Involvement Team*

20 Jan 2014     Appeal Decision Executed 20 Jan (N/M 1)*

20 Jan 2014     NFWL – Learn new computer skills*

20 Jan 2014     NFWL – New Year, new start up business

20 Jan 2014     NFWL – Enjoy the great outdoors*

20 Jan 2014     NFWL – Parks and countryside events*

20 Jan 2014     Decisions of the Planning Committee 16 Jan(N/M nil)*

20 Jan 2014     Audit & Governance Committee Papers On Line*

21 Jan 2014     TTRO Long Lane, Banks (3/2/14 – 7/2/14)&

21 Jan 2014     Planning Delegated Decisions 21 Jan(N/M 2) *

21 Jan 2014     Weekly Planning List 21 Jan (N/M nil)*

21 Jan 2014     HMRC Home Visit SLCC*

21 Jan 2014     LBKVC*

22 Jan 2014     Committee Papers On Line Executive Overview*

22 Jan 2014     Consumer Alerts – Bogus Roofers*

22 Jan 2014     Practitioners Conference Reminder*

22 Jan 2014     AGM SLCC*

23 Jan 2014     NFWL – Draft Economic Strategy*

23 Jan 2014     Member Training Event 03/02/2014*

23 Jan 2014     Further Green Belt Protection Considered*

23 Jan 2014     NFWL – Mayoral Engagements*

24 Jan 2014     Licensing and Appeals Committee 04/02/2014*

24 Jan 2014     SLCC Launch Counselling Services*

24 Jan 2014     NFWL – Free Gas Heating Appliance*

27 Jan 2014     Appeal Decisions Executed 27 Jan (N/M nil)*

27 Jan 2014     West Lancs Moss roads*

27 Jan 2014     SLCC NEC By Elections Spring 2014*

27 Jan 2014     Committee papers On Line Standards Committee*

28 Jan 2014     Planning Delegated Decisions (N/M nil)*

28 Jan 2014     Weekly Planning Lists (N/M nil)*

28 Jan 2014     TTRO Square House Lane, Banks*

29 Jan 2014     Planning Enquiry*

29 Jan 2014     Planning Committee Members Update*

29 Jan 2014     Planning Application amendment 4 Hoole Lane*

30 Jan 2014     NFWL – Yew Tree Farm Masterplan*

30 Jan 2014     NFWL – Development briefs Firswood Road and Grove Farm*

30 Jan 2014     Housing Newsletter*

30 Jan 2014     New affordable houses programme starts up*

30 Jan 2014     Playground agreements*

31 Jan 2014     2013/1185/OUT S 106 monies*

31 Jan 2014     NFWL – February Ranger events*

31 Jan 2014     NFWL – Mayoral Engagements*

31 Jan 2014     C & E Overview & Scrutiny Members Overview*

31 Jan 2014     NFWL – Cannabis Scratch & sniff cards*

03 Feb 2014    Appeal Decision Executed 03/02/2014*

04 Feb 2014    Planning Delegated Decisions (N/M nil)*

04 Feb 2014    Community Centre Car Park*

04 Feb 2014    Consumer Alerts*

04 Feb 2014    Weekly Planning List 04 Feb 2014 (N/M nil)*

05 Feb 2014    Planning Consultation News*

05 Feb 2014    Committee Papers On Line Planning Committee*

05 Feb 2014    NFWL – Help to repair war memorials*

06 Feb 2014    SLCC AGM Attendance*

06 Feb 2014    Property Newsletter WLBC*

06 Feb 2014    New Homes Bonus Pmts top £900m mark*

07 Feb 2014    News Bulletin SLCC*

07 Feb 2014    West Lancs Now*

11 Feb 2014    Subsidised Bus Services, Budget Proposals*

11 Feb 2014    Committee Papers On Line*

11 Feb 2014    Planning Delegated Decisions (N/M 2)*

11 Feb 2014    Whitemoss examination outreach event in Skelmersdale*

11 Feb 2014    Weekly Planning List (N/M nil)*

Clerk to contact LCC to seek advice as to when our Aviva contract expires


172/13 To discuss how to utilise S 106 monies


Response received from WLBC. Clerk to write again, requesting an audience with them at Ormskirk to make representation to obtain S 106 monies for our replacement car park


173/13 To consider and discuss car park at St Stephens


Clerk to request Mike Drittler to provide letter from insurance company to clarify their requirements


174/13 To discuss car park at Community Centre


Three quotes had previously been received although Clerk needed to check with one to ensure like for like comparison was evident. Revised quote from Tom Owen now received and we are to proceed with this one, seeking retrospective permission if necessary. Clerk to contact to confirm and arrange for works to be done and invoice to be raised prior to end of financial year to claim outstanding capital funding of £5,000 from WLBC


175/13 To discuss Council requirements for Website representation


We had previously been made aware that the temporary stop gap arrangements as an online presence were defunct and the Council needed to decide what online presence it needed. Clerk to make enquiries and obtain quotes for improved Website and report back to next meeting on progress.


176/13 To discuss proposals for 2014/15 Budget.


  • Working Group comprising Cllrs Blane, Douglas, and Lennon, and Clerk previously formed
  • They had had a meeting 27 January, following which a suggested budget had been completed and sent to all councillors for information purposes.
  • Line by line analysis undertaken during the council meeting and agreed unanimously that it was adopted.
  • Precept to claim unchanged at £34,494
  • Website budget amount for 2014/15 unchanged at £200 although agreed that funding of up to £1,000 could be needed for new site and agreed that we could take up to the extra £800 from Contingency Fund budget item
  • Budget will necessitate utilising £11,551 from Reserves if projected expenditure through to 31 March is correct


177/13 Councillors report and items for future agenda


  • Request to discuss position in respect of United Utilities and sewers and drainage in Chapel Lane, Banks


178/13 To receive any reports and recommendations from Members representing the Council on working groups/outside bodies


a)      Police and Community Together (PACT) Panel – PACT meeting held 5th February and report read out to Councillors

b)      Corporate Planning – nothing to report

c)      Community Centre– nothing to report

d)      Hesketh Avenue (Banks Park) Clerk to check litter picked by caretaker

e)      Inspection Reports – Nothing to report

f)       Health Issues (Cllr O’Hare) – Doctor asked to do ‘Funday’

g)      Banks Carnival –Cheque for ratification plus we were advised that Police will not control road closures on the day. Agreed that, subject to committee agreement, cheques for up to £300 could be issued in respect of the event without necessity for formal Council agreement and could be retrospectively ratified at following Council meeting, although they would all still require three signatures (including Parish Clerk)

h)      Health & Safety -Nothing to report

i)        Finance – Nothing to report


179/13 Update from West Lancashire Borough Councillor


  • With regard for initiative to allow specific sites for Gypsy and Travellers, Cllr Blane advised that he would not support a legal site being allocated to North Meols
  • CCTV now in operation
  • Launch of Skylark Close and work done by Cllr Lennon acknowledged


180/13 Planning



Planning Delegated Decisions


Date Reference Address Outcome
21 Jan 2014 2013/1245/FUL Fairholme, Marsh Road Refused
21 Jan 2014 2013/1250/FUL 63 Station Road Granted
11 Feb 2014 2013/1156/COU Goose Dub Barn, Charnleys Lane Refused


11 Feb 2014 2013/1323/LDC Home Farm, Georges Lane Granted




Appeal Decisions


Date Reference Address Outcome
17 Jan 2014 2012/1155/FUL The Coppins, Boundary Lane Appeal Withdrawn




181/13 Date of next meeting


Community Centre  11 March 2014 at 7.15 pm