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Minutes December 2020


Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on 8th December 2020

By Zoom

Commenced :  19.00

Concluded:   20.00

            Present:           Bill Abram                               Chris Lennon               Lawrence Baxter                     

Dorothy Hames                                   John Howard

            Parish Clerk   Angela Jenkins

Public Participation

  • None

73/20   Apologies

  • None

74/20   Declarations of Interest

  • All Councillors reminded they may need to update Register of Interests

75/20   Minutes of the previous meeting

  • Approved

76/20   Police Report (verbal)

  • None

77/20   Clerk’s Report/Progress Report on decisions taken

  • Signage for Banks Methodist School Councillor Abram confirmed with school what signage required and will be arranged.
  • Computers returned we now have 6 fully operational Laptops and work being carried out on two to see if they will make one good one.
  • The Boiler to Community Centre needed servicing and certificating and the overflow pipe to the toilet needs attention, Plumber coming out this week.

78/20   FinanceAccounts for payment December 2020

Accounts for payment December 2020

Chq No.PayeeDescriptionAmount
4044Festive Lights (A Jenkins Paid CC)4 new Christmas lights£    751.96
4045DWS TecnologyNew battery and overhaul alarm system Community Centre£      90.00
4046Crosby Fones (A Jenkins Paid CC)Refubishment and new operating system for 5 of the lap tops from Community Centre£     225.00
4047/51StaffRemuneration£   2,404.75
 4051A JenkinsJuly to September Expenses and Mileage to Dec£     482.31
4052Banks Methodist ChurchDonation£     100.00
4053St Stephens ChurchDonation£     100.00
40541st Banks Girls BrigadeDonation£     100.00
4055Douglas Cardiac TrustDonation£     150.00
4056Brialee NurseriesChristmas Tree Churchyard, and lights£     918.00
4057Village Food Hub Compassion ActsDonation£     100.00
4058Sutton ElectricalElectrical Connections for lights£       98.36
40591st Banks BrowniesDonation£     200.00
4060Church in CentreDonation£     100.00
4061Mike RowanGas Engineer for Community Centre£     120.00

The Cheques numbered 4059 and 4061 have been cancelled as groups no longer in operation

Agreed that payments of Accounts since the last meeting are ratified and invoices now presented on the payment schedule are approved and cheques signed by authorised signatories accordingly

79/20   Discuss Flood Plan and Joining with Neighbouring Parishes

Discussed the amount of flooding in the Northern Parishes and how the Dib/ Hesketh Bank and land not now fit for purpose and the same at Hundred End.  We discussed getting a working group together from Hesketh Bank, Tarleton and Banks Parishes and approach Amy Hargreaves to come on board to help deal with the Environment Agency and help to get MP on board.  An email to be sent to Hesketh Bank and Tarleton Parish Clerks to see if the we can form a working group with Councillors in their Parishes.

80/20   Correspondence for Information

  • Schedule of correspondence received circulated to all councillors

81/20   To receive recommendations of projects that benefit the Parish

  • Need information of where to make cheque payable for bench in village

82/20   Emails Sent to Councillors November/December one that were discussed

  • 27.11.20  North West Ambulance Service, how to save lives agreed not suitable for our Parish as only have primary schools and is aimed at older children.

83/20     To receive reports and recommendations from Members representing the Council on working groups and outside bodies

  1. Corporate Planning
  • Community Centre    
  • As yet no opening date for the Community Centre
  • The Alarm at the Centre still going off, has been overhauled but Engineer recommended a complete overhaul of the system and renew. Quote of £ 450, Councillors agreed we should go ahead and get it renewed.
  • Remedial work to the boiler room required as in bad state of repair, though basically sound needs new hinges, lock and remdial work to bottom of door. Clerk to go ahead and organise work to be completed.
  • Hesketh Avenue (Banks Park)
  • Ongoing issues regarding water ingress to gardens backing onto the playing field, Duncan Ross were planning to do the work on 4th December but too wet.  Will let us know when can be done. (Quote for work £ 1,000  to

£  1,500 Plus VAT).

  • Parishoner wants a letter from the PC stating what and when we are going to do the work.  Clerk explained to him but will put in writing.
  • The Playing field committee  met on site Sunday 22.11.20 after zoom meeting 17.11.20 and are now working on how to take the project forward.
  • What funding required other than what we have in place, still needs to be assessed though at this moment in time may have enough on account.
  • Health Issues
  • People are having problems getting through to surgery on telephones and are waiting at times 2 weeks for an appointment.  Have to ring at 8 am for very limited appointments .  More Flu vaccinations from 11.12.2020. there is going to be a Zoom meeting for the PPG in January.  There are lots of comments on facebook.
  • Health & Safety
  • Gas Certificate at Community Centre has been completed still to arrange Pat Testing.
  • Finance
  • The Finance Group Chris/Steve/John/Angela had a Zoom meeting 19.11.2020 7pm, discussing Precept and finances for forthcoming year, Budget to be put forward at January Meeting.

84/20   Updates from West Lancashire Borough Councillor

  • Nothing further to last Month

85/20   Planning                                                                                         

Weekly Planning Lists

11.11.20202020/0979/FUL3 The Close, Banks,PR9 8BS – Ground Floor extension & loft conversion developing additional bedroom & bathroom
18.11.20202020/0879/FUL59 Banks Road, Banks, PR9 8JL – Retrospective app for various external works
18.11.20202020/0980/LDCMoss Side Farm, New Lane Pace, Crossens PR9 8LN – Certificate of Lawfulness – mixed use site comprising agriculture, the commercial equestrian use of the existing buildings edged blue, use of an existing building edged green for the fabrication of incinerators shown on the application site plan.
26.11.2020L/2020/0495/AAAApplication from adjoining Authority.  See Attached.

86/20   Date of next meeting    

Via Zoom

Tuesday 12th January 2021     @     7.00 pm

Part Two

87/20   Leisure Centre

Update Given