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Minutes April 2022


Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on 12th April 2022

At the Hub, Banks

Commenced :  19.15

Concluded:   20.30

Present: Bill Abram John Howard   Dorothy Hames

Chris Lennon Lawrence Baxter Steve Douglas

Linda Gresty

Parish Clerk Angela Jenkins

185/21 Public Participation

  • None

186/21 Apologies 

  • None

187/21  Declarations of Interest

  • Cllr Hames (regarding Groundsman)

188/21 Minutes of the previous meeting 8th March 2022

  • Approved 

189/21 Police Report 

  • A lot of antisocial behaviour in the village, Police have visited parents.  Patrolling village in 3 shifts, but no reports of trouble since.

190/21 Clerk’s Report/Progress Report on decisions taken at last meeting and any urgent decisions 

  • None

191/21 FinanceAccounts for payment April 2022

Chq No.PayeeDescriptionAmount
4236,37,39StaffRemuneration£    1,527.21
4238A JenkinsExpenses£       412.57
4240Bill Abram Pd for Preston Ind PlasticsDucting and Coupling for CCTV cabling for Hesketh Avenue Field£       515.82
4241MDH serves Grp LtdInstall base and ducting  for cabinet to Hesketh Avenue£    2,340.00
4242LALCMembership Fee£       639.47
4243JJ & B ProjectsLocks after break in£         55.00
4244Badger Alarms & CCTV LtdCCTV System for Playing Field Hesketh Avenue£    6,900.00
4245Redblade MowersService mowers and strimmers£       407.26
4246Redblade MowersRe-build engine on mower£       342.55
4247Cllr Howard Pd for various materialsLabour and materials, fitting signs, repairing seats, filling holes, and general Maintenance Hesketh Avenue Playing Field£       500.78
4248Champion NewspapersAdvert£       175.32

Agreed that payments of Accounts since the last meeting are ratified and invoices now presented on the payment schedule are approved and cheques signed by authorised signatories accordingly

  • Balance on Current Bank Account £ 7,229.55 – Reserve Accounts £ 33,227.90
  • Year end accounts to be presented next meeting

192/21 Correspondence for Information 

  • Schedule of correspondence received circulated to all councillors

193/21 Emails Sent to Councillors March/April

  • Agreed Parish will help with the Rainbow Ramble (Donate)
  • Clerk to purchase            slow down bin stickers
  • Spid policy Q&A to be completed by Clerk

194/21 Contracts for works for Parish Council to be reviewed

  • Passed and seconded decision to employ J Fewtrell this year as contractor for grounds work

195/21 To Receive update from WLB Councillors

  • A request for a seat to be placed opposite Hoole Lane Centre, to be considered.

196/21 To receive reports and recommendations from Members representing the Council on working groups and outside bodies

  1. Corporate Planning

It has been requested that the Parish continue to look after Aveling Drive, though not fit for purpose, passed to do so .

  1. Hoole Lane Centre Centre
  • A Skip needed to clear out un wanted and damaged equipment.
  • The Food hub going to renovate the area and take over the opposite side of building to the Post Office.
  1. Hesketh Avenue (Banks Park) 
  • Work still continuing on Cadent works for gas sender.
  1. Health Issues
  • Nothing to Report
  1. Health & Safety
  • The Skate Park requires some maintenance to look into a firm that can repair.
  1. Finance
  • Nothing to report

197/21 Planning

Weekly Planning Lists

11.03.222022/0194/FULSquare House Ln, Banks, Two storey extension
15.03.222022/0212/FULLand to west of Todds Lane,Banks variation of no3 of 2019/0371/OUT
16.03.222022/0312/FUL2D Gravel Lane, Banks, Southport Retrospective approval for errection on canopy extension
16.03.222022/0313/PNP2D Gravel Lane, Banks, App to determine if Planning Permission required

Planning Delegated Decisions 

20.03.222021/1382/FULSite of former Otterbrook, Moss Lane, Churchtown – replacement of a garageRefused
27.03.222022/0024/FULMathews farm, Marsh Rd, Banks single storey rear extension amended fenestrationRefused
16.03.222022/0037/LDPSquare House Farm,Banks proposed single storey ext attached store to side of dwelling house (Proposed)Not Permitted

All agreed and no action to be taken forward to WLBC in respect of above planning matters except       2022/0212//FUL.

198/21 Planning

  • A letter is to be drafted and forwarded to the Planning Department regarding Application 2022/0212/FUL

199/21  Community Assistant

  • Decision made that a new member of staff is not necessary at this moment in time.

200/21 Date of Next Meeting

At the Hub Community and Leisure Centre, Greaves Hall Avenue, Banks

Tuesday 10th May 2022 Meeting and AGM     @     7.00pm