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Minutes April 2020



Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held Via Email  

14th April 2020



            Emailed:          Bill Abram                               Chris Lennon

Steve Douglas                          Brenda Wright

Dorothy Hames                                   John Howard

Lawrence Baxter


Parish Clerk   Angela Jenkins


Public Participation

  • Not Applicable


156/19 Apologies

            Not Applicable


157/19             Declarations of Interest

  • All Councillors reminded they may need to update Register of Interests


158/19 Minutes of the previous meeting

  • Approved


159/19 Police Report (verbal)

  • Not present Not Applicable


160/19 Clerk’s Report

  • Going forward any issues to be circulated or discussed forward to Angela

161/19 Finance


Accounts for payment April 2020


Chq No. Payee Description Amount
03981 Cash Chq Help Coronavirus Food Supply £ 200.00
03982 A Jenkins Wages £ 996.52
03983 C Murphy Wages £ 533.65
03984 J Mannering Wages £ 249.03
03985 HMRC Tax & NI £ 173.76
03986 A Jenkins Q1 Expenses £ 369.29


  • list circulated
  • Agreed that payments of Accounts since the last meeting are ratified and invoices now presented on the payment schedule are approved and cheques signed by authorised signatories accordingly
  • Issue with Nat West Bank being resolved


162/19 Correspondence for Information


  • Schedule of correspondence received circulated to all councillors


163/19 To receive recommendations of projects that benefit the Parish

  • Help has been requested in Maintaining St Stephens Graveyard, Cllr Abram will follow up with the Vicar and check how the Parish Council can help


164/19  To receive reports and recommendations from Members representing the Council on working groups and outside bodies

  1. Corporate Planning


  1. Community Centre
  • Going to costs for updating existing Computers at Commutiy Centre ongoing


  1. Hesketh Avenue (Banks Park)
  • New dog waste bin required – 2 at least required Still a problem with dog faeces on field
  • Try some Cameras to stop vandalism and dog faeces. Ongoing


  1. Health Issues
  • Nothing to Report


  1. Health & Safety
  • Nothing to Report


  1. Finance
  • Nothing to report



165/19 Updates from West Lancashire Borough Councillor


Nothing to report


166/19 Planning


Weekly Planning Lists


Date Reference Address
12.03.2020 2020/0222/FUL 3 Abrams Green, Banks, PR9 8DN 2 Storey side extension & Single storey rear ext
18.03.2020 2020/0262/FUL The Village Nursing Home, 41 – 43 Church Road Banks – Change of use from (Class C2) to Education use (Class D1) and replacement /new fence and gates
31.03.2020 2020/0241/FUL 7 Ralphs Wifes Lane, Banks, PR9 8ER – Single storey side extension


  • Agreed that all matters were in order and no action to be taken forward to WLBC in respect of other planning matters




167/19 Date of next meeting


Community Centre


Tuesday 12th May  2020 7.15 pm

(Now Cancelled due to Coronavirus, will go forward with meeting by email any issues please forward to Parish Clerk)


Part Two


168/19 Leisure Centre


  • Moving Forward but now on hold