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Minutes April 2014



Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on 8 April 2014

at the Banks Community Centre, Hoole Lane.


Commenced 19.15

                                                                                                          Concluded 21.50            

            Present:           Cllrs. John Baldock (Acting Chair)

Steve Douglas

Bill Abram

Paul Blane

Chris Lennon

James O’Hare

Parish Clerk   David Maughan


            In attendance  10 members of the public


Public Participation


  • Prior to the meeting, the councillors had had a meeting with two representatives from United Utilities – see separate note of that meeting
  • Some concern was expressed that there was a three week wait for blood tests at the Health Centre. Cllr O’Hare is to take this matter up direct with them and report back but in absence of satisfactory outcome advised resident to take matters forward with Care Quality Commission
  • Resident next to recently installed speed warning sign advised that it was an eyesore and the flashing lights affected his quality of life in his own home. Advised him that various options had been explored following request to curb speeds in this location and whilst he agreed something needed to be done he thought the actual device installed was just too large. Agreed that he would let two councillors visit his home to view and, given budget item to purchase another in present financial year, we could well purchase a smaller one to replace that one and place the larger one elsewhere in the village.


202/13 Apologies


Cllr Hames was absent on equestrian related business


203/13 Declarations of Interest


None other than Paul Blane in respect of Agenda items for Planning and Environment Agency


204/13 Minutes of the previous meeting


No amendments were considered necessary. Minutes from meeting of 11 March 2014 signed off


205/13 Update in respect of CAB, Food Bank, and Post Office


  • Clerk advised that meeting with CAB arranged for 9 April 2014
  • Post Office due to go ‘live’ 9 April 2014
  • Food Bank had requested that they be able to store food in the cupboard room in hall and, if so, possibly be allowed to put shelves in the cupboard. Agreed that clerk to check Planning permitted this use and insurance would cover. If so, then we would allow non-perishable food to be stored but written confirmation would need to be sent advising we could withdraw this agreement on giving, say, one months’ notice


206/13Police Report


  • No police present (see below for PACT meeting details)


207/13 Clerk’s progress report on decisions taken at last meeting.


  • Progressing investigation in respect of trees in closed churchyard responsibility
  • Written to LCC re speed limit on A565
  • Taken matters forward with CAB in respect of them utilising Community Centre
  • Responded to WLBC in respect of meeting for S 106 monies – see Agenda item below
  • Arranged meeting (include Chris Lennon and Jim O’Hare) with St Stephens re car park for 28 April
  • Progress matters in respect of Website – see Agenda item below
  • Arranged visit from United Utilities about drainage on Chapel Lane – see separate note
  • Liaising with Paul Blane to compose letters to PM, MP, LCC, and WLBC re Environment Agency
  • Contacted Police about damage at Charnleys Lane and understand this has now stopped
  • Prepared Notice about damage at Charnleys Lane and these now displayed on all Notice Boards in the village
  • Confirm Annual meeting in May
  • Clerk to contact LCC in respect of repairing bus stop by Community Centre and also to find out who owns bus stops in Parish


208/13 Clerk’s report on any urgent decisions taken since last meeting


  • Flagging undertaken on Community Centre car park and agreed to via cost £495 plus VAT from Section 137 budget item
  • Also advised locks had been attended to in anticipation of Post Office Outreach opening
  • Extra keys also obtained for same reason




Accounts for payment:-

Chq No. Payee Description Amount
3394 Dawn Cannon Salary 455.00
3395 Jean Mannering Salary 187.76
3396 David Maughan Salary – interim 700.00
3397 Banks Printers Leaflets 187.00
3398 Bill Abram Post Fix 49.80
3398 Bill Abram Post Fix 69.72
DD E On Electric Hoole Lane 28.90
3399 David Maughan Q1 Expenses 413.12
3400 Williamson Engineering Grass cutting 309.60
3401 John O’Donnell Joiner Fire Door 25.00
DD BT Telephone Hoole Lane 76.20
3402 David Maughan Keys cut 10.00
3403 Tom Owen Plant Hire Community Centre Car Park 12360.00
3404 Tom Owen Plant Hire Flagging 594.00

210/13 Correspondence for Information


It was noted that the following items of correspondence, for information purposes, had been received since the March meeting (* denotes received by e-mail) and were available for Members to view:-


13 Mar 2014    NFWL – Kate Hardcastle Business Workshop*

13 Mar 2014    News Bulletin SLCC*

13 Mar 2014    Executive overview & Scrutinising Members Update*

13 Mar 2014    Late Information Planning Committee*

14 Mar 2014    Affordable Housing in Hesketh Bank*

14 Mar 2014    Decisions of the Planning Committee (N/M 1)*

14 Mar 2014    West Lancs BC Mayoral Engagements w/c 17 March*

14 Mar 2014    NFWL – 1000th new kitchen installed*

14 Mar 2014    NMPC Concurrent Grant 2014/15

15 Mar 2014    Gov gets tough on local plans & green belt revisions*

17 Mar 2014    NFWL – Get online and get ahead*

17 Mar 2014    Planning application re-consultation 2013/1217/COU*

17 Mar 2014    Audit & Governance Committee Papers online*

18 Mar 2014    Local Delivery scheme opting in 2014/15*

18 Mar 2014    Planning Delegated Decisions (N/M nil)*

18 Mar 2014    Weekly Planning List 18/03 (N/M 2)*

19 Mar 2014    LALC Next meeting*

20 Mar 2014    NFWL – Mayoral engagements*

20 Mar 2014    Housing newsletter*

20 Mar 2014    First indoor Parkour Academy*

20 Mar 2014    S106 Public Openb Space monies*

20 Mar 2014    Committee on Standards in Public Life*

20 Mar 2014    Licensing & Appeals Committee*

20 Mar 2014    West Lancs CVS Bulleting March 2014*

20 Mar 2014    NFWL – Creative Learning Chapel Gallery*

20 Mar 2014    Cuadrilla plans for Becconsall site* (already cascaded to all)

21 Mar 2014    NFWL– Council arrangements for affordable homes in Hesketh Bank*

21 Mar 2014    Aprils bus service changes*

21 Mar 2014    Cabinet papers On Line*

21 Mar 2014    Budget statement promises permitted development reform*

22 Mar 2014    SLCC Insuranmce for Community Centres*

24 Mar 2014    Licensing & Gambling Committee papers On Line*

25 Mar 2014    Weekly Planning List (N/M nil)*

25 Mar 2014    Planning Delegated Decision (N/M 1)*

25 Mar 2014    Committee Papers On Line*

26 Mar 2014    Planning Committee members Update Apr 2014*

26 Mar 2014    WLBC Newsletter*

27 Mar 2014    One West Lancs Showcase 8 May*

27 Mar 2014    Environment Bulletin West Lancs*

27 Mar 2014    NFWL – Artz for all*

27 Mar 2014    Ground Control to Major Dom*

27 Mar 2014    Permitted Development Rights in Planning*

28 Mar 2014    Underperforming LPA threshold to go up from m30 to 40%*

28 Mar 2014    Press release Mayoral engagements*

28 Mar 2014    West Lancs 14-15 Commissioning Plan*

29 Mar 2014    LALC meeting agenda*

31 Mar 2014    LCC/2014/0047/Becconsall Consultation*

31 Mar 2014    Appeal Decisions (N/M nil)*

31 Mar 2014    Consumer Alerts*

01 Apr 2014    Planning Delegated Decisions (N/M 1)*

01 Apr 2014    Committee Papers On Line Planning Committee*

01 Apr 2014    Weekly Planning List (N/M 1)*

02 Apr 2014    Latest Planning Consultation News*

02 Apr 2014    TTRO Wyke Cop level crossing*

02 Apr 2014    WLBC Housing newsletter*

02 Apr 2014    NFWL – Free friendly fun at Chapel Gallery*

03 Apr 2014    Concurrent Grant*

03 Apr 2014    Free trees for communities and schools*

03 Apr 2014    NFWL – Mayoral Engagements w/c 07 Apr*

03 Apr 2014    Review emphasises proactive planning*

03 Apr 2014    Top posts this week on Google|*

04 Apr 2014    NFWL – Environmental improvements*

04 Apr 2014    West Lancs Now*

04 Apr 2014    SLCC News Bulletin*

04 Apr 2014    Consumer Alerts – Fylde and Wyre Residents*

07 Apr 2014    NFWL – Apprenticeship awards a great success*

07 Apr 2014   NFWL – New cycle hire docking station*

07 Apr 2014    NFWL – Elections*

08 Apr 2014    Planning Delegated Decisions (N/M 1)*

08 Apr 2014    Committee Papers on Line*

08 Apr 2014    Site Report Unipart*

08 Apr 2014    Weekly Planning List (N/M nil)*



211/13 To discuss how to utilise S 106 monies


  • It was noted that some £37k was available for spend in the parish and we are to retain this as an agenda item to take forward
  • Potentially, we can look into sorting the drainage problems in the park then develop a project for the park for public use and enjoyment


212/13 To consider and discuss car park at St Stephens


  • Meeting arranged for 28 April, working party comprising clerk and Cllrs O’Hare and Lennon to meet up with representatives of the club.
  • WLBC had promised £10k towards cost and clerk to write to them to obtain confirmation ahead of forthcoming elections in case change of administration led to change of policy


213/13 To discuss Website requirements


  • Clerk had received quote for Website construction and is awaiting further responses
  • Clerk to liaise with Cllr Douglas who knows someone who may be able to assist


214/13 To discuss request from North Meols Archers to use the field at Aveling Drive


  • Agreed
  • Clerk to contact to confirm


215/13To discuss why a nursing home was named after someone in Southport and why our school children did not have same privileges as Churchtown school children


  • These points were in connection with Barchester
  • Clerk to contact them advising that there was upset caused and why had it happened


216/13 To discuss and confirm re-appointment of Ian Cropper as Internal Auditor


  • Confirmed accordingly and clerk to take forward


217/13 To discuss the possibility of a travellers site being established on Sugar Stubbs Lane


  • This agenda item was as a result of press comment which had subsequently been superseded although change of administration in next month’s elections could change stance for WLBC


218/13Councillors reports and items for future agenda


  • Spid item to be retained for next meeting
  • Cllrs O’Hare and Lennon to visit site and nearby house to judge situation on behalf of council


219/13To receive any reports and recommendations from Members representing the Council on working groups/outside bodies


a)      Police and Community Together (PACT) Panel – Cllr Abram had attended PACT meeting 2 April and distributed report from it advising that there had been nine crimes in February and March

b)      Corporate Planning – nothing to report

c)      Community Centre– Food Bank up and running, Post Office imminent, locks installed and keys cut

d)      Hesketh Avenue (Banks Park) Request to move bench to be taken forward

e)      Inspection Reports – Nothing to report

f)       Health Issues (Cllr O’Hare) – Nothing to report

g)      Banks Carnival –Cllr Abram advised had opportunity to purchase a toilet block for £500 which would save renting at £250 every year and they could fund this from carnival monies held. Agreed accordingly

h)      Health & Safety -Nothing to report

i)        Finance – Nothing to report


220/13 Update from West Lancashire Borough Councillor


  • Cllr Blane advised that many positive matters had been achieved within the Parish, including Defibrillators , footpaths, return of the Post Office, Carnival, CCTV, Community Centre car park and this meant we owed a big thank you to Cllr Baldock ahead of his leaving next month
  • 16 years’ service was a massive commitment
  • Cllr Baldock thanked him for those remarks and advised it had been a pleasure to assist so many over so long although he was looking forward to his future life without this commitment





221/13 Planning


Weekly Planning Lists


Date Reference Address
18 Mar 2014 2014/0208/FUL 1 Georges Lane
18/03/2014 2014/0226/COU Arawa, Marsh Road
01/04/2014 LCC/2014/0047 Becconsall Exploration Site


Planning Delegated Decisions


Date Reference Address Outcome
25/03/2014 2013/1256/COU 4 Hoole Lane Granted
01/04/2014 2013/1199/FUL Winacre Farm, Long Meanygate Granted
08/04/2014 2014/0138/FUL Home Farm, Georges Lane Granted


Item reference 2013/1256/COU appears to have slipped through ‘under the radar’ and clerk to investigate


222/13 Date of next meeting


Community Centre 13 May 2014 at 7.15 pm.


To incorporate Annual meeting


Part Two


223/13Clerks pay and incremental rise




  • It had been considered and clerk advised that the pay increase should not be back dated
  • Clerk responded that that was incorrect as contract specifically related clerks salary to the pay scale
  • Agreed that Cllr Baldock would refer to SLCC and was authorised by the councillors to resolve this issue ahead of next meeting


Incremental Rise


  • Cllr Baldock advised clerk that very pleased with performance and confirmed incremental rise to LC2 27