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Help during the present health issues

Help during the present health issues

If you are a West Lancashire Borough Council tenant struggling to pay your rent because of the Coronavirus Pandemic please contact our Financial Inclusion Team who are here to support you.
West Lancashire Borough Council will offer up to a three month payment holiday for its tenants who are in financial difficulty as a result of the outbreak.
Our Financial Inclusion Team can help tenants with this and to maximise their disposable income and give advice on how them can budget, make a claim and manage your bills. Contact our team on 01695 585252 or by emailing

People will understandably be concerned about paying their bills during the current Coronavirus pandemic. We know that loss of income may leave many residents struggling to pay key bills such as Council Tax, or cause worries about making rent payments.

We are looking at how money from the government’s national £500m support fund will be allocated and how quickly it will be made available.
This will help us and other Councils reduce the 2020/21 Council Tax bills of working-age people who receive local council tax support.
If you have had a significant fall in income please apply for council tax support. Advice is available by ringing 0300 7900380, emailing or going to our webpage at

The Council will also be able to use the hardship funding to provide further discretionary support to vulnerable people by paying out via local welfare schemes.

Advice on Business Rates

West Lancashire Borough Council is committed to supporting businesses in dealing with the disruption caused by the Coronavirus.

We are working with the government to introduce a business rates holiday for all retail, hospitality and leisure businesses in the Borough for the 2020-2021 tax year, as well as providing the smallest businesses of this type with a cash grant.

We are also working with the government to set up a scheme to provide all small businesses currently eligible for Small Business Rate Relief or rural rate relief with a cash grant to help meet their ongoing business costs.

Businesses can keep up to date on details about the help available to them by visiting our website